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2x2 paper/mylar holders

by Robert
(Roanoke, VA)

Question: When putting coins in 2x2 paper/mylar coin holders, why are staples used as opposed to using clear plastic tape around the edges ?

My Answer: That is a very good question and one I have not been asked before.

It would seem to make better sense to use tape rather that staples to hold coins securely in 2x2 coin holders. That way you would not take a chance on accidentally scratching the coin with the staple.

However, I would guess that the tape around the edges of the coin holder would not hold it as securely as the staples nearer the coin. The coin might tend to shift a little in the holder and this too could lead to unwanted scratches.

There are not any fixed rules concerning how to secure your coin in the 2x2 coin holders. If you find that the tape keeps the coin secure and does not allow movement of the coin, I am sure it would be fine.

Although I have not tried this method myself, I am sure it has been tried and tested throughout the years by many coin collectors.

Which ever way you decide to proceed with your 2x2 coin holders, just keep in mind that you don't want your coin to move against the holder which could cause damage to the coin. You also don't want to take a chance that the tape could become old and give way. Dropping your coin could also cause unwanted damage.

If you decide to proceed with this experiment, come back here and let us all know what you find out.

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Jan 25, 2010
Another thought.
by: Eva - Moderator

I should also have mentioned that self-adhesive 2x2 coin holders are also available with adhesive already on the cardboard. You just pop your coin in and press it closed.

You might consider this option if you are opposed to using staples on your 2x2 coin holders.

Dec 13, 2023
2x2 cardboard
by: Anonymous

I was just contemplating the same thing. The plastic holders are a bit expensive so I grabbed a few hundred if the cardboard ones. I was considering using glue. I would think as long as the tape was pulled tight it would be the same, and less likely to get on the coins then my idea with the glue.
Most of the coins I currently have are error pennies and good condition half dollars. I am sure the round plastic cases are the most secure, my question is how much environmental protection do the coins get from the square plastic cases vs the round and of course the least from the cardboard. Will pennies still darken if they are in cardboard holders?

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