Coin Care

Proper coin care is important if you want to be a successful coin collector.

While a lot of what goes into caring for coins comes from common sense, there are several things that most people might never think about that is important to know.

Take time to learn about caring for your coins because improper care could adversely affect the value of your coins.

Proper Handling of Coins

Always handle collectible coins carefully. Incorrectly handling uncirculated coins can cause the coin to begin to wear and thus reduce their value. The same care should be taken with your better grade circulated coins to keep them in the best possible condition.

  • Wash Your Hands: Oils and acids from your skin are harmful to coins. coin with fingerprint damage

    They can actually react chemically with the metal of the coin and cause damage that might not show up for years.

    Another reason to wash your hands is that whatever is on your hands will be transferred to the surface of the coin - dirt, sweat, food particles, and grease to name a few.

    These things can cause unwanted spots or worse, they could cause your coin to begin to wear.

  • how to properly hold a coin
  • Hold the Coin Properly: You should always hold a coin between your index finger and thumb as ahown in the photograph for the same reasons as above.

    While this is not critical in lower grade circulated coins, it is just a good coin care habit to get yourself into.

    You should always hold a Proof or uncirculated coin by the edge.

  • Wear Gloves: If you are somewhere where washing your hands is not an option, soft cotton gloves will protect your coins. Some collectors wear them when handling any valuable coin, but it is not necessary if your hands are clean and you hold the coin properly as described above.

  • Avoid food or drinks while handling your coins or anywhere near them. If these things get on your coins they can lead to spots or color changes.

  • If you have taken a coin out of its holder and you need to set it down, be sure to place it on a soft surface that is free of dirt or any other substance that could come into contact with your coin. A velvet pad is an ideal solution, but a soft cloth of some kind or clean sheet of paper may be OK for less valuable items. Please do not ever drag or scrape your coins across any hard surface.

  • Wear a Mask: While it is not actually necessary to wear a mask, you do need to be aware of what you are doing. Moisture from your mouth can get onto your coins when you breathe or talk without you even noticing.

    This too is can cause damage to your coin that you may not notice right away. If you can refrain from speaking and breathe only through your nose when examining a valuable coin, the a mask is unnecessary.

    However, if you are like me, and can't resist the need to oooohhh and aaaahhhh while looking at a valuable coin then a mask is a good idea.

  • Just keep in mind when caring for your coins that the choices you make can sometimes affect the value of your collection. Common sense can go a long ways in coin care.

  • Be Careful of the Holder: Every time you remove a coin from its protective holder, you run the risk of putting minute scratches on it when it comes into contact with the sides of the holder.

    Use care when removing a coin from its holder and try not to do so unless absolutely necessary.

    It is also a good practice not to remove other people's coins from the holder while looking at them. If the coin must be removed, let the owner of the coin remove it so that you avoid damaging someone else's coin

Here are some more important coin care tips:

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