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Silver Bullion Coins

American Silver Eagle Canadian Silver Maple Leaf Mexican Silver Libertad
Silver Eagle
Silver Maple Leaf
Silver Libertad
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Silver Bullion Coins are modern silver coins such as the American Silver Eagle or the Canadian Silver Maple Leaf.

These silver coins are made primarily for investment purposes and derive their value from the precious metal they contain, in this case silver.

Although Bullion Coins are legal tenderLegal Tender
Coins or currency which must be accepted in payment of debt
and may be marked with a monetary value, they are not intended to be used in commerce.

Bullion CoinsBULLION COIN: Precious metal that has been made into a coin which has little or no numismatic value and trades at a price close to spot. are actually collected for their intrinsic valueIn numismatics, intrinsic value is the value of the metal the coin is made of, in many cases a precious metal such as gold or silver.

Legal or Face Value:
The value of the coin as defined by law, eg a nickel has a face value of 0.05 dollars.

Market Value:
The price that people are willing to pay for the coin in the market place.
and their value depends on the current market value of silver.

They have very little numismatic value, meaning that they are bought and sold primarily because of their silver content with very little consideration as to their age, condition, rarity or mintages.

The most common world silver bullion coins are:

  • Canadian Silver Maple Leaf
  • Mexican Silver Libertad
  • Chinese Silver Panda
  • American Silver Eagle
  • Australian Silver Kookaburra
  • Australian Silver Kangaroo
  • Austrian Silver Vienna Philharmonic
  • British Silver Britannia

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