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Are Silver One Cent Pennies Rare?

by Kari Thomas
(Prescott, AZ)

Question: I have a Lincoln/Lincoln Memorial Building 1959 One Cent Penny, without D or P. It is SILVER coated (looks like a dime) on both sides, and you can tell along the rim there is part copper, part silver.

Could this be a rare coin?

THANK YOU for any help.
Kari Thomas

My Answer: The penny you describe did not come from the mint in silver. I would suspect that someone has coated it with something silver color or maybe actual silver, who knows.

The only penny or one cent coin to come from the United States Mint in a silvery color was the 1943 Zinc-coated Steel Penny.

It is possible that your penny was coated in a very thin coating of silver and sold or given away as a novelty item, perhaps a store opening or something of that nature. Sometimes private mints will do this, such as with the gold plated quarters.

The silver coating the coin (if it is silver) is probably so thin that it does not even increase the intrinsic value (i.e. the value of the precious metal in a coin).

Serious coin collectors only want coins that have not been altered in any way. They want them just the way they came from the mint.

Comments for Are Silver One Cent Pennies Rare?

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May 30, 2014
by: ernie

I have one of those pennys. silver. I also have a plastic penny. And it says copy.

Apr 03, 2015
Tell me more about My Silver one cent piece
by: Dana

My silver one cent piece does not have Lincoln Memorial on the back. Could possibly be an eagle? Other side has chevron with one cent printed in the middle. And the edges are serrated like a dime?

Oct 19, 2015
This is the exact reason
by: AndrewCampbell

This is the exact reason why I am an ardent fan of various forms of antiques ranging from jewellery all the way to cutlery. It is the history behind those precious gems that hold such sentimental value that make me really keen on owning them and finding out their stories from fellow enthusiasts like all of you here.

Oct 22, 2015
I get to collect
by: AndrewCampbell

Not only do I get to collect rare antiquities out of passion and as a hobby, but I get to learn a thing or two on some historical facts as well. I guess it gets more interesting when your collection holds more value than just solely for viewing pleasure.

Oct 22, 2015
Silver 1997 Penny
by: Anonymous

I have a 1997 silver penny that barely attracts to a magnet. I have no clue what it is worth if anything. Please help. There are no scratches or marks on it whatsoever.

Jun 11, 2017
1959 silver penny NEW
by: Betty

I have a 1959 silver penny mint mark d is it worth something. I also have a 1911 no mint mark dark shadows around head and the letter L this missing from liberty. Is it worth anything thank you

Oct 22, 2017
penny NEW
by: dee

i have a silver colored penny 2005, with one cent, spelled backwards,is there more of these?

Jan 01, 2019
wheat penny NEW
by: Gunner

I have a 1943 silvery wheat penny, no D or S...
Could it be for real..

Nov 19, 2019
I to have the same penny NEW
by: William

I have the exact same penny, it doesn't appear to be coated or painted and is the same colored all the way through.

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