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How can I get a price guide on pennies I've saved?

Question: I have several gallon jars of pennies I have saved over many years. I'm sure many are only worth 1 cent each. But I'm sure I have a few that have somewhat more value than the face amount. Before I roll them up and take them to the bank, how do I find out which ones may have a collectors' value beyond the face amount?

My Answer: If you are wanting a price guide, I have a page set up that offers my recommendations for both written and online price guides here.

You might also want to check out the page about Valuable Pennies for a list of rare pennies and error coins.

Keep in mind that all pennies with the wheat back are worth at least 3 cents unless they are worn totally out or heavily damaged.

Also, all pennies dated before 1982 have more than one cent's worth of copper in them, making them worth more than face value for their copper content alone.

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