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How do I find other collectors to trade coins with?

by Charlie
(Portland, OR)

Question: I live on the west coast and collect Presidential dollars and state quarters with my grand children. We get lots of Denver mints but no Philly mints. I would like to find some one on the east coast to trade with.

My Answer: You might try some of the coin collecting forums. A lot of collectors hang out there and there is lots to learn and share in these communities.

Just post your request in a couple of them and I wouldn't be surprised if someone else is looking for the same thing you are.

You usually have to be a registered member to post in forums but most of them are free to join. You can do a search for coin collecting forums or bulletin boards, or you can try one of the links below.

Coin Talk Forum

Coin Community Forum

I hope this helps.

If anyone would like to trade Presidential Dollars and Statehood Quarters with Charlie, please reply below.

Comments for How do I find other collectors to trade coins with?

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Jan 02, 2011
Charlie in Portland, or other West Coast Collector
by: Jim B

I live on the East Coast, and I am a casual collector of coins. I would like to find someone to "swap" Philadelphia mints for Denver mints. I am mainly interested in State Hood Quarters. I am just trying to complete my folders of decent condition circulated quarters. If anyone is interested, please respond to:


Jul 09, 2011
Looking for west coast coin trader
by: Phil

I live in Pennsylvania and am looking for someone in the Western States to trade good condition Denver minted coins for ones I can supply from Philly. I am in need of 18 of the state quarters, as well as some pennies, nickels and dimes. Please contact me at Thank you.

Aug 15, 2011
Presidential dollars D mint
by: Irv Cohen

I have some extra presidential dollars with the P mint mark. I just get them at the bank from time to time. I have some of the D's but the P's are much more common around here, especially in decent condition. Would like to trade with someone who finds the D's easier to obtain.

Oct 25, 2011
State Quarters
by: Irv Cohen

I have mostly completed my collection of State Q's but still need Guam and Puerto Rico with D mint mark. I have many of both in nice condition saved for trade. Anybody have extra of them and need something else?

Jan 14, 2013
Presidential coin swap
by: Steeley

I am on the East coast and looking for someone to trade good quality Presidential coins from the Philadelphia mint for coins at the Denver mint. Are there any mid-West or West coasters out there interested?

Sep 18, 2013
Quarters coin swap anyone?
by: Anonymous

I am an east coast amateur collector, in need of help completing the state quarters and America the beautiful sets. Need Guam and Mariana Islands with Denver mint, have amassed a large collection of America the Beautiful - mostly P mints - to use in exchange. If anyone is interested, please contact me at

Sep 09, 2014
is this thread dead?
by: Coin monkey

Just wondering if there are any amateurs on the East side with P mint quarters that want to trade for D mint ones.

I am only looking for a Northern Mariana to finish the States and then most of the National Parks. 95% of the stuff I see over in Nevada is D mint so it is really hard to find them.

I have a few places where I get new coins straight out of the roll so they have only 'circulated' from the cash register to my pocket.

This is swap only so don't be scared off my the email address. Please drop me a message at "702 stuff for sale @ gmail .com"
(Please remove all of the spaces - just trying to stop the spam bots)

Feb 13, 2015
quarter swap
by: Len

Would you have any quarters to swap? Here is what I need.

6 District of Columbia
12 Puerto Rico
16 Guam
14 Northern Mariana Island
15 Samoa
17 US Virgin Islands

I have extra "D" quarters for most of these but find few
"P" quarters here in Texas. Please let me know if I can
assist you in obtaining "D" quarters and I would appreciate
any help you could give me.

Thanks Len

Mar 14, 2015
US Territories ?!
by: Anonymous

Hi there!
I have 40 of 50 stats quarters , but only 1 of 6 US territories = (. (Samoa)

Contact me and tell what yare you looking for!

thank you !

Jul 28, 2015
Have alot of "P" mint marks
by: Kayden

I need about 10 different Denver mint state quarters would be willing to trade Phila. mint quarters.


Age 7

Jul 31, 2015
Denver coins
by: Mark

Hi Kayden,

I would be interested in trading D mint coins with you.

Please ask your parents to drop me an email at Let them know that it is a junk email account but if you send me your contact details I can reply from my real one.

Kind regards,


Aug 13, 2015
^^^^^^ What is this garbage? ^^^^^^
by: Anonymous

….aaaaaaand there goes that thread.

Essay writing...

An irrelevant story about a fictitious child...

and now gymnastic mats…




Mods: Any chance you can do something to save it?

Sep 09, 2015
I'm Sorry Everyone
by: Eva - Moderator

I am sorry about all the spamming! I have been deleting and banning them, but it doesn't seem to be stopping them. I am trying to stay on top of things, but it is getting very time consuming.

Thank you all for your patience. I will try to keep this thread alive and on topic.

Sep 12, 2015
by: Anonymous

Thanks Eva (Mod),

Your efforts against the spammers are genuinely appreciated and I have been able to finish 2 collections from the great contacts I have made through this thread.

Kind regards.


Oct 10, 2015
San Francisco minted coins wanted
by: Norma

I am a casual collector on the East Coast looking for someone near San Francisco to swap coins with. I get both P and. D here. All demoninations, all years, circulated. Thanks.

Oct 22, 2016
looking to trade circulated quarters NEW
by: Dan

I have many P mint quarters and some D mint quarters. I am looking to continue completing 4 full sets of all quarters.
Let me know if anyone wants to try to do some swapping. email written to prevent smapping
dorsini759 AT

Dec 20, 2016
Trade gold coins NEW
by: Tiko

I need a 1910 Mexico five-pesos coin. I can trade two 1920 Mexico dos-pesos coins for the 1910 5-peso. If interested, contact at: kisu niini at g mail dot com

Thank you. Tiko

Jan 21, 2017
coin trade dollar NEW
by: nurul hana

i have coin trade dollar 1875s...want to sell....

Mar 14, 2019
Looking to trade state coins.
by: mgunnell

I have the following P state coins to trade:
Two 1999 Connecticut
1999 Georgia
Two 2000 Massachusetts
2002 Indiana
2005 Kansas
Two 2006 North Dakota

I have the following D state coins to trade:
1999 Connecticut
2000 Maryland
Two 2000 New Hampshire
2000 Virginia
Five 2001 New York
2002 Indiana
2002 Mississippi
2003 Missouri
2003 Arkansas
2004 Iowa
2005 West Virginia
2006 North Dakota
2006 South Dakota
2007 Wyoming

I need of the following:

P state coins:
One 1999 Delaware
One 2003 Illinois
One 2003 Maine
One 2004 Florida
Two 2004 Iowa
One 2005 California
One 2005 West Virginia
One 2006 Nevada
One 2006 Nebraska
Two 2006 Colorado
One 2007 Montana
One 2007 Washington
One 2007 Utah
Two 2008 Oklahoma
Two 2008 New Mexico
Two 2008 Arizona
Two 2008 Alaska
Two 2008 Hawaii

D state coins:
One 2005 Minnesota
One 2007 Utah
Two 2008 Arizona
Two 2008 Alaska
One 2008 Hawaii

Email me: mgunnell@bayspringstel. net

Mar 28, 2019
Swap quarters 2009-2012 NEW
by: Anonymous

I am collecting circulated but look rather new quarters,either D or P. Statehood and National park. Here is what I need. I have mostly D quarters, can swap what I have with you.

2009 need x8 sets each
8 Puerto Rico, 8 Guam, 8 Northern Mariana Island
8 Samoa, 8 US Virgin Islands

2010 need x4 sets each
4 Arkansas, 4 Wyoming, 4 California, 4 Arizona, 4 Oregon

2011 need x4 sets each
4 Pennsylvania, 4 Montana, 4 Washington, 4 Mississippi

2012 need x4 sets each
4 Puerto Rico, 4 New Mexico, 4 Maine

Nov 19, 2019
Coin trade
by: Alvin

Would be interested in trading Pres. dollar coins and quarters with p mints. message me at

Jan 26, 2024
Swap Phila minted Coins For Denver Mint NEW
by: kenny Quay

I have Rolls of Phila Minted Coins And would like for Denver Minted Coins on Induvial Coins

Pennys, Quarters & Roosevelt Dimes

Denver Minted Coins are hard to Find on East Coast

Jan 31, 2024
Swap D Mint For Phila Mint NEW
by: Kenny Quay

I would like to find someone on West Coast to Swap or Trade Denver Minted coins with Phila Minted Coins

I have a lot of Phila Minted Quarters, Roosevelt Dimes. and Pennies

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