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Magic With Coins

by Brian
(New York)

Magic With Coins

Coins are more than just money. They are history, art and with a few simple secrets, magical. Here are five amazing magic tricks you can do with coins.

Not See It, Now You Don’t.
Imagine borrowing a claim from a friend, capping it with a pencil and causing it to vanish into thin air. The secret to this incredible trick is what magicians call misdirection. Hold a coin in your left hand between your thumb and middle finger, with your palm facing a words. Move your right hand over the coin as if you were going to pick it up. Once the coin is hidden by your right hand gently loosen your grip and let the coin fall into your left hand fingers as the right-hand pertains to take it away. With the coin hidden in your left hand remove a pencil from your left pocket and leave the point behind. A pencil on the back of your right hand and reveal to the amazement of everyone at the coin is gone.

Presto Chango!
You can change a quarter into a silver dollar just like magic. The secret to this strike is a variation on the previous one. Start with a silver dollar palmed in the fingers of your right hand and a quarter in your left hand. Again pretend to take the visible coin away but really let it drop into the curled fingers of the left-hand. Go into your left pocket to remove a pencil and leave the quarter behind. The right-hand with a pencil and show everyone that the quarter has transformed itself into a silver dollar.

Solid Through Solid.
This is a great trick you can do with a coin. Your audience sees a silver dollar is covered with a handkerchief or napkin and slowly melt right through the cloth without leaving a hole. How is it done? Start with a silver dollar in your left hand and cover it with a handkerchief. Pinch a bit of fabric behind the coin with your thumb. Lift the front of the handkerchief up to show the coin under the cloth. Drop your left hand down and let the handkerchief flip over which will seem to leave the coin inside the handkerchief when in fact it is actually behind the cloth. Twist the handkerchief just below the coin and it will look like a plane is trapped inside the handkerchief from your audience is perspective. Squeeze the handkerchief and slowly let of the coin become visible. It will look just like it went through the handkerchief.

How Read Minds With A Coin
With your back turned asked a friend to take a quantum and place it in either one of his hands. Tell him to hold the hand with the coin up to his head and concentrate on it very hard. After a pew moments ask him to put his hand down and continue to think about the coin. Instantly you know which hand holds the coin. How? And that is holding the coin will be paler in complexion because it was felt up to the head for several moments while your back was turned. When you turn around, simply look for the hand that seems lighter in complexion.

Impossible Coin Move.
Think it’s impossible to push a silver dollar through a hole only big enough for a dying? That’s what everybody thinks but it’s really quite simple to do. You can use this stunt to win many of our pet. Take out a business card that has a small hole punched in it, no bigger than a dime. Challenge your friend to push the silver dollar through the whole without ripping it. When they give up, put the silver dollar down on the table and put the business card behind it. Now pick up a pencil, place it through the hole and push a silver dollar. You’ve just pushed a large calling through a small hole as promised.

There are hundreds of magic tricks you can do with coins. We hope these tricks will give you and your friends hours of fun. This article was submitted by New York magician Hijinx.

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