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My First Collectible Coin Find

by Randy Mc Donald
(Huntington Beach Ca)

I have been collecting coins since I was ten years old and of course I would go through my change and admire my coins for something unusual and exciting.

One day I was walking up a hill called "Signal hill" in the Long Beach area in Southern California. There were lots of oil wells there at that time being in the early 1970s and it was an interesting walk or hike.

I was approximately 13 years old and was walking up this hill and the dirt road I was walking on was well traveled, even then.

As I love to see nature and such, my eyes would gravitate to anything unusual or attractive. I was turning a corner on the hill and this light came shining down from the dirt ground and it caught my eye like a mirror shining on one's person.

I looked down and there it was! I found a quarter! No,..It was not a Washington quarter but a Standing Liberty quarter dated 1927.

I picked it up and was amazed as I thought how come I found this?,.. and I love coins and by chance that light and shine struck my eyes just at the right time.

I was hooked after this terrific experience. Since that find I paid even more attention to my surroundings and had a terrible habit of looking down. I had to remind myself to look out for cars and people that I could run into.

This event is still fun to think about at age 57. I still collect, and I have dealt in the business of selling as well.

Happy hunting all!

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Sep 29, 2016
What a great story!
by: Eva

Thanks for sharing Randy! That is a great story, and one that I think a lot of coin collectors can relate to.

I am sure that there are many, many stories out there similar to yours. That's why I created this site! So that people can find the information they need to continue with coin collecting after they have been bitten by the coin collecting bug.

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