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Small 'w' on Reverse of Walking Liberty Half Dollar

by Marla Miller
(Bremen, IN USA)

Question: On the reverse side of a 1943 walking liberty 1/2 dollar, there is a 'w' to the right of the HALF DOLLAR and just under the tip of 1 feather. Does this have any meaning?

My Answer: Yes, that small 'w' does have a meaning. It is the initials of the designer - Adolph A. Weinman. If you look closely, however, you will probably see 'AW' instead of just 'W', and it should be under the tips of the tail feathers.

It is common to find the designer's initials somewhere on United States coins. Most people don't even notice that they are there. They are usually very small and inconspicuous.

One exception is the 1909 Lincoln cents that had the initials of the designer, Victor David Brenner, very prominent on the reverse of the coin.

These 'VDB' coins caused such an uproar, because of the prominence of the designer's initials, that the initials were completely removed from the Lincoln cent until 1918.

When they re-appeared they were much smaller, as was the common practice on other United States coins.

As you can imagine, these 'VDB' cents are highly sought after by collectors today.

I hope this helps,

Comments for Small 'w' on Reverse of Walking Liberty Half Dollar

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Oct 06, 2013
by: Pamela

Please help... I have searched everywhere and cant find another 1943D silver and gold walking liberty coin that looks like mine. It is silver and gold on front and all gold on back, also i believe it to be an error coin. Does anyone have any knowledge about it?
Thank You
Pamela Murphy

please email me at

May 28, 2014
small w under silver half dollar walking liberty
by: noe alonso

Does it mean anything does it give it more value to have small w under silver half dollar walking liberty 1943 almost mint. Like 95% and whats the values? Pleas reply at thank you

Jan 18, 2015
1945 half dollar walking liberty
by: chris

I have a. 1945 walking liberty half dollar with no w on the back of it dose this mean it a error

Jan 21, 2018
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa NEW
by: Anonymous


Apr 15, 2018
Benjamin Franklin Half Dollar NEW
by: Osc

Could you please tell me the average price for a Ben Franklin Half Dollar

Jun 01, 2018
I have a 1943 half dollar! Hollen Becks in Colorado Springs said it's only worth$10 is this true NEW
by: Meg/

I went to the coin store hollenbeck's in Colorado Springs Colorado and they told me that my coin is only worth $10 is this true according to the greatest pictures on this site it is in good to fine

Jun 15, 2018
meg NEW
by: Anonymous

with out it being sent to be graded your half dollar is only worth 10$ to a coin shop that said depending on if a collector is looking for that coin i have seen them sell as high as 25$ on ebay IMO unless it unc or you just want to have it graded its not worth the extra 15 to 30$ to have it graded if you are looking to sell put it up on ebay I MYSELF would keep it since silver prices are on the rise fast

Jun 12, 2019
Please help me understand
by: Anonymous

I have a 1941 in a 1942 walking liberty with a W on them I also have another one that does not does this change the value of them . Please let me know i am desperately I need of some Intel

Feb 18, 2021
1934 Walking Liberty Half Dollar
by: Jason

I was going through my Silver and taking pictures of some of my 90% Silver Coins so I can sell them on Ebay and when I was looking at the1934 Walking Liberty under the magnifying glass I noticed this small W and immediately thought to myself it might be from Westpoint Mint and be very rare and valuable. That's how I ended up here on this page trying to find out if Westpoint even made these at all only to have my million dollar dream crushed by this article lol. I was like tell me I lucked out and got a super duper rare walking liberty that's gonna make me rich !!! But nope it's just a guys initials and I'm only getting $20 bucks tops if I'm lucky. ;)

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