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Three-Headed Nickel - Mint Error

by Connie Suehiro
(Moses Lake, WA)

My friend stopped by the other day where I work and showed me a three-headed nickel. I am fascinated by coins, so I took a good look at his nickel. I had a hard time making out the head on his nickel, and that's when he exclaimed that it had three heads, and that it was a mint error! He was going to go to the coin purchasers to see what he could get for it.

He even told me that he had gone down to a store that sells coins all the time. They looked at it and told him that if they sold their two stores, they could buy his nickel! Wow! I can't wait to hear the rest of the story the next time I see him! I am a real estate agent, and I told him, "Well, if you sell it, stop by the real estate office, and I'll sell you a house!"

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