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What coins do people collect?

Question: What coins do people collect? How will I know if I am doing it right?

My Answer: Different people collect coins in different ways. It is totally up to you as a collector (and your budget) as to what your coin collection will be.

Here are some examples that might help you get started.

Your collection could be really broad as in world ccoins or it could be rather small as in only silver dollars etc.

Another idea would be to collect a specific series of coins. If you want to collect a particular seriesSeries
A set of years a coin was minted with a specific design and denomination.
you would want one coin of each date and mint mark made of a particular denomination and type of coin.

You could also collect your coins by typeType
The basic distinguishing design of a coin.
Type Set
One of each coin of a particular design, series or period.
. If you collect a type set you would want one of each coin of a particular design, series or period. An example would be "gold coins" or maybe "20th century coins".

Some people only want to collect ancient coins. Or maybe a smaller "theme" within ancient coins such as the Twelve Caesars, the goddess Diana, or the town of Carthage.

Error coins are another possibility. Error coins are just what they seem to be, coins with an error of some sort. These coins should never have been released from the mint due to some mistake during the production process such as double stamping or missing components etc. Sometimes these coins do make it into circulation however, and they can be quite valuable.

Or, last but not least, my favorite, the "shotgun" method of coin collecting. Just go for whatever coins interest you.

Just remember, there is no right way or wrong way to collect coins. Just collect what you like and enjoy collecting.

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Apr 08, 2009
Thanks for your question
by: Eva - Moderator

Thank you for posting a question on our FAQ page.

Just remember, the best part of a hobby is having fun. With coin collecting, we could borrow that saying from a popular fast food restaurant - "Have it your way."

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