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Why collect coins?

Question: What are some reasons people collect coins?

My answer: A collection of coins is like a miniature art collection. Many people collect coins just for the beauty and uniqueness of the coins.

Coin collecting can also be educational. As you study the history of each coin you collect, you will learn about famous people and places.

You can learn what metals were considered valuable during that era in time.

You can also tell what language was spoken when the coin was made.

Coin collecting can also give you a sense of accomplishment. Some people like setting a goal of completing a certain set or series of coins, and feel a sense of accomplishment when that goal is reached.

Other people just enjoy the thrill of the hunt.

But, not only is coin collecting fun and educational, it can also be potentially

Coins tend to increase in value over time, so in a few years a collection could be worth many times what you have invested in it if you are careful about your purchases.

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Apr 08, 2009
Excellent Question
by: Eva - moderator

What an excellent question! I hope I have given you an answer that will encourage you to join the world of coin collecting. You will be glad you did!

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