Coin Collection Storage

Whitman coin storage box

Your choice of coin collection storage is important if you want to safeguard the value of your collection.

You should store your coins at a relatively constant, moderate temperature with low humidity.

Avoid storing coins in a basement or attic. Attics tend to be overly hot, dry, or musty, and basements are usually damp and prone to water damage. So do not store your coin collection in these places unless your attic or basement is air-tight, water-tight and climate-controlled.

Moisture of any kind can damage a coin. It can cause, or at least be a contributing factor, to chemical reactions within the metal of the coin.

Even if the manufacturer of the coin storage container you plan to use advertises that it is watertight, you should still take precautions.

Although the container itself may not let water get in, the moisture that is in the atmosphere inadvertently gets sealed up with your coins.

I suggest that you put a desiccantsilica gel packetA desiccant is a drying agent such as silica gel that will absorb the moisture and keep it away from your coins and is available at most coin supply stores and hardware stores. in the container with your coins. This is especially important if you live in an area of high humidity.

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Coin Security - Keeping Your Coins Secure

coin safe

When considering coin collection storage, coin security is also an important issue.

Coins are a very portable and profitable target for thieves, so be careful who you talk to about your collection. Word can spread very quickly about valuable coin collections and you could find yourself the target of burglars.

For more valuable or rare coins, I suggest that you keep them in a Home Safe or a Safe Deposit Box at your bank. The one you decide on depends on how often you want to get your hands on your coins.

When considering a home safe for coin collection storage, keep these things in mind for maximum coin security:

  • Size and Weight: Keep in mind that your safe will not protect your coins from burglars if it is not large enough to make it too difficult for them to move out of your house quickly.

  • Fire Rating: You want the safe that you choose to have a high enough fire rating to also protect your coins in case of fire.

Here are a few tips for coin collection storage:

  • Keep your coins out of sight. Whether at home or away, the fewer people who see your coins, the better. Be very selective about who you allow to see your coins. You never know who some people will tell about your collection.

  • Avoid using coin-related words on the outside of correspondence. Words such as coin, coin collector or numismatics on packages or correspondence can alert people to the fact that you are a coin collector and increase your chances of being targeted for burglary.

  • Be careful who you talk to about your collection. Although you may trust your friends, family, housekeeper, etc., you don't know who they might innocently tell about your collection not thinking of the possibility of putting you or your property in danger.

  • Never leave your coins unattended in your car. This is especially true at coin shows or coin related events. Burglars tend to hang around these events hoping for an easy target. Stay alert at all times and remove your identification badge (name tag) before leaving a coin show. These are known in the trade as 'rob-me' badges.

  • If you must fly with your coins, don't let anyone know what you are carrying. If you are stopped at a security point, ask to have your bag searched in private so that people near you don't see what your bag contains.

  • Never allow your coins to be put in the trunk of a cab or limousine. You could be left standing on the sidewalk watching your coins disappear with the cab.

  • Never leave your coins unattended in a motel room. Too many people have access to motel rooms. Many motels are now beginning to offer safe-deposit boxes and even safes in the rooms. Again, use caution as you do not know who has access to these.

    A lot of the major coin shows have security rooms available for coin collection storage as a courtesy to collectors and dealers attending their show. This would be a much safer option for your coins.

In summary, choose your coin collection storage carefully, keeping in mind all the options above to insure that both you and your coins remain safe.

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