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Coin Collection Software -
Coin Collector's Assistant

Coin Collection Software becomes an important part of your coin collecting tools as your collection begins to grow.

Instead of having to dig through all of your coins and paperwork to find information about a particular coin, coin collection software enables you to see an image of your coin with all pertinent information right at your fingertips.

Some Coin Software, such as Coin Collector's Assistant, will also tell you the current value of your coin or your entire collection.

Coin Software also gives you the ability to have a complete inventory of your coin collection for insurance purposes, with a variety of reports which are also printable.

The Coin Collector's Assistant coin collection software also includes tools to help you find the mint mark location on coins and to identify the variety.

Although you can find the location of mint marks right here on this site, it would be rather handy to have all the information available in one handy piece of software.

Here is some more information about Coin Collector's Assistant:

Coin Collector's Assistant -
Version 7.0

System Requirements

Windows -
Vista / XP / 98 / 2000 / NT
Media: CD-ROM

Product Description

The Coin Collector's Assistant - Version 7 is a comprehensive coin software program for managing a coin collection of any size.

Suitable for both novice and experienced collectors with an easy-to-use interface.

It comes with a fully preloadad database of all US coinage with pictures and market values.

The database is always current.

The user may organize their collection with complete flexibility and once stored, a wide variety of standard and custom reports is available.

Numismatic tools are included to assist in mint mark location and variety identification.

Version 7.0 also now includes:

  • Two new image galleries, one illustrating attractively toned coins by series and another providing images to assist in identifying minor variety differences (small date, large date, etc.
  • New option provides for comprehensive estate planning for your collectibles.
  • A Home Inventory Option enables you to catalog your household goods in a separate folder.

If you are interested in purchasing Coin Collector's Assistant coin software, you can find it at Amazon.

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