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The Major Collecting Areas

Choosing Coins for Your Coin Collections

When choosing coins for your collection, it is sometimes difficult to decide what you want to collect. Here are the major collecting areas for you to consider:

  • Ancient Coins

    If you are interested in ancient history, ancient coins would be a perfect collection for you. The era of Roman emperors and gladiators and Greek gods and goddesses is a fascinating time in history and it is reflected in Ancient Coins.

  • United States Coins

    When choosing your first coins for a collection, you can't go wrong with U.S. Coins. This area of coin collecting is well researched and documented with books, trade papers and magazines.

    The market is very active and offers many affordable coins that are readily available to both beginners and seasoned collectors.

    There are many beautiful and interesting designs in U.S Coins that make it appealing to almost everyone.

    U.S coins also offer an exciting look at American history. They lead us from the struggle for independence by the American colonists to present day. Let's take a closer look.

  • World Coins

    There are literally hundreds of countries in this world. Together they offer thousands of coins to entice collectors.

    This huge offering of coins can be a little overwhelming to someone just getting started in coin collecting, but with a little research you should be able to narrow the field down to a few coins that interest you.

    Unlike the United States, most other countries are not as obsessed with quality when it comes to coins. They usually use a much simpler grading system which means that you can find some great values in world coins. For example, let's say you find a rare world coin for around $100. A comparable United States coin would literally cost you thousands of dollars.

    Once again I caution you to: "Buy the book before you buy the coin". Be sure you understand how coins are graded and valued in whatever country you have an interest in.

Combine your choice from these major collecting areas with one or more of the tips from Deciding What to Collect to create coin collections that are unique to your personal tastes.

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