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Coin Collector Software -
Coin Collector's Survival Manual

Not all coin collector software is used to inventory, identify or value coins and coin collections.

Sometimes coin software can be useful in other ways.

Consider Coin Collector's Survival Manual Software, for example.

This coin software is an interactive CD version of two great coin collecting books by Scott Travers:

By having these books in the form of coin software, you can easily and quickly find the coin collecting information that you are looking for or want to learn more about.

Here is some more information about this unique and interesting coin software:

Coin Collector's Survival Manual Software

System Requirements

Windows XP / 98 / 2000 / NT

Media: CD-ROM

Product Description

An interactive version of the book by Scott Travers covers all aspects of coin collecting including understanding coin grading, detecting altered and counterfeited coins, buying and selling coins, and protecting and storing coins.

The content is searchable, has an active table of contents, index and a bookmark feature.

This new version is based on the recently published 5th edition which combines the updated content of two of Travers's books, the Coin Collector's Survival Manual and How to Make Money in Coins Right Now.

Interactive Features found in the software edition include:

  • Word search, electronic index and illustration locator.
  • Add bookmarks and annotations.
  • Grading service calculator.
  • Crack-out calculator.
  • Bullion calculator.
  • Coin viewing animation.
  • High resolution color coin image gallery.
  • Grading History Timeline.

If you are interested in purchasing this coin collector software, Coin Collector's Survival Manual is available at Amazon.

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