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Coin Holders

There is a large variety of coin holders available to the coin collector offering varying degrees of protection for your coins. They come in many shapes, sizes and materials.

Some coin collecting holders are only safe for short-term storage of coins, while others are perfectly OK for long-term storage.

I have listed the most commonly used coin collecting holders here, as well as a description of each and what type of storage they are best suited for - whether it be short-term storage or long-term storage.

  • Paper envelopes are inexpensive coin holders and available in various sizes that have been made specifically for coins to lessen adverse reactions to chemicals found in normal paper. They can be purchased anywhere coin collecting supplies are sold.

    coin envelopes One drawback of paper envelopes is the fact that you have to remove the coin every time you want to look at it. This increases the risk of scratching your coin.

    On the plus side, you can write on the outside of the envelope to identify the coin inside.

    Be sure to choose a sulphur-freeSulphur used to make most paper can cause coins to tarnish, however most envelopes made for coins are sulphur-free. type if you plan to store coins in them long term.

  • Vinyl 2x2s, also called "flips" are inexpensive coin holders and are made in a variety of materials. They are 2x2 inches in size with two pockets. You insert your coin in one pocket and a paper or card in the other pocket that contains information about the coin.

    coin flips Use care when selecting Flips to make sure they are safe for long term storage of your coins.

    Some vinyl 2x2s contain PVC to keep them soft and pliable. PVC can leach out onto your coins over time and cause damage.

    Some 2x2s are available that do not contain PVC, however they can become hard and brittle and crack over time.

    Vinyl 2x2s are excellent for short-term storage of coins or for displaying or shipping coins.

    On the plus side, they are great for coins that you handle a lot. They will protect them from dirt or fingerprints and you can see the coin clearly without removing it from the holder.

  • You also might consider cardboard 2x2s. These coin holders are lined with Mylar and come in two pieces that are stapled together after the coin in inserted. Some brands are self-adhesive, however, and do not require stapling.

    cardboard 2x2 coin holders Even though they are commonly known as "2x2s", they do come in other sizes. These are a good inexpensive choice for coin storage, even for long term unless you happen to be in an area of high humidity. And the mylar 'window' makes it perfect to see your coin without touching it.

    If you choose the kind that has to be stapled, use care not to scratch your coin with the staple.

  • Plastic tubes are also available and hold several coins of the same size. coin tubes

    They are designed to store rolls of coins. They are fine if you keep them in a place that prevents movement of the coins, and if you intend to leave them alone for long periods of time.

    Keep in mind that you will not be able to view coins placed in tubes as they are stacked on top of each other.

    See More About Coin Tubes

  • For more valuable coins, consider hard plastic coin holders

    They do not contain any chemicals or other materials that could harm your coins . hard plastic coin holders and should protect your coins against scratches and other physical damage when used properly.

    You can find these for individual coins as well as small sets of coins. They are rather expensive however, and are usually only used for valuable coins that you intend to hold on to for a long time.

  • "Slabs" are hard plastic holders for individual coins that are sonically sealed by a third party grading service. slab coin holders

    They offer the best protection available, however they are usually only used for more valuable coins as you have to send the coin to a third party grading service to have them slabbed, so it is not worth the expense in less valuable coins.

    See More About Slabs

Airtite coin holders are a very good brand of coin holders.

You can find airtite coin holders in most coin supply stores and online.

I recommend Amazon or Jake's Marketplace, Inc. if you like to shop online. Jake's offers a full line of coins and coin supplies at discount prices.

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