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Rare Pennies:
Lincoln Memorial Reverse (1959 - 2008)

Below you will find a list of rare pennies of the Lincoln Memorial Type as well as some other valuable pennies that you should keep an eye out for, including error coins.

Keep in mind that pennies with the Lincoln Memorial reverse are generally not worth much unless they are of good quality - extremely fine or higher grade.

In the list below, I have marked the coins that are worth more than a few cents (in higher grades) with a red asterick (*).

This list covers the dates 1959 through 2008.

The lists of valuable pennies from earlier dates are located elsewhere on the site. Just follow the links below to find the list that you are interested in.

To see rare wheat pennies click here. This link will take you to a list of valuable Lincoln Cents with wheat stalks on the reverse dated 1909-1958.

To see valuable pennies of the Large Cent and early small cent types, click here. This link will take you to a list that includes all other one cent coins dated 1793-1909.

Rare Pennies - Lincoln Memorial Reverse

  • Lincoln Penny Overdates:
    • 1969-S - Look for clear doubling on the date.

  • Double Dies:
    • 1960-D over D
    • 1964
    • 1969-S
    • 1970-S - obverse
    • 1971-S - obverse
    • *1972 - obverse
    • 1980
    • 1982
    • *1983 - Clear doubling on ONE CENT on reverse.
    • *1984 - Clearly doubled earlobe on the obverse.
    • *1995 - Clear doubling on LIBERTY on the obverse.

  • 1960, 1960-D, *1970-S(small date), 1982 - Can be found with both Large and Small Dates.

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