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Vermont State Quarter

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Vermont State Quarter
The Green Mountain State
Capital: Montpelier
Statehood: March 04, 1791

Vermont State Quarter

The Vermont State Quarter was the fourth state quarter issued in 2001 and the 14th in the series which was authorized by the 50 States Commemorative Coin Program Act.

The release date for the VT State Quarter was August 6, 2001.

The elements of the design include maple trees collecting sap into buckets hanging from them, with Camel's Hump Mountain in the background, a fitting image for a state famous for its maple syrup and snow skiing.

Vermont's Governor Howard Dean appointed the Vermont Arts Council to solicit design ideas from the state's citizens. The Council then narrowed down the design ideas to five concepts, and the Governor's office held an informal radio survey to get the opinions of the citizens of Vermont. All five design ideas included the Camel's Hump Mountain.

Governor Dean then selected the final design and submitted it to the Secretary of the Treasury.

Below is a table showing the design specifications and mintages of the Vermont State Quarter.

Type Vermont State Quarter
Obverse - Original design by John Flanagan

Modification for state quarter program by William Cousins

Note: The modification moved some of the wording from the reverse to the obverse to leave the reverse available for the state's design.
Reverse - Each state theme was proposed, and approved, by the governor of the state. Final design was designed and engraved by T. James Farrell. His initials are just below the words "Freedom and Unity".

(Both obverse designer's initials - John Flanagan and William Cousins - are on the obverse of the coin at the truncation of Washington's neck.)
Years Minted 2001
Weight 5.67 grams
Composition outer layers of 75% copper and 25% nickel bonded to an inner core of pure copper
Diameter 24.3 mm
Edge reeded
Mints and Mintages
San Francisco
P - 423,400,000
D - 459,404,000
S - 3,094,140 Proofs only
S - 889,697 Silver Proofs

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