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Grading Assistant Software

Grading Assistant Software is coin software created to help the coin collector grade their coins.

It is an interactive software version of the The Official American Numismatic Association Grading Standards of United States Coins.

With this coin collecting software you have the ability to see actual images of graded coins side by side to see the differences in the grades for help in determining the grade of your coin.

You can also upload an image of your own coin to compare it side by side with the grading images.

Another great feature of this coin collecting software is the ability to access it directly from Coin Collector's Assistant if you have them both.

Here is some more information about Grading Assistant Software:

Grading Assistant Software

System Requirements

Windows XP / 98 / 2000 / NT

Media: CD-ROM

Product Description

This is an interactive software version of the Official ANA Grading Guide .

It allows the user to view the grading images in a 1 to 3 image side by side presentation along with a picture of their own coin.

Images are provided for most US Coin types in base grades from AG to Uncirculated.

Grading descriptions are provided for intermediate grades as well based on coin type.

A color image library presents features significant to market grading on many coin types.

The full content is searchable and has a bookmark feature, and pictures and text may also be printed.

Key Benefits

  • Pictures of all U.S. coin types since 1793
  • Simple point-and-click interface
  • Official American Numismatic Association grading pictures and text
  • Side-by-side comparisons of adjacent grades
  • May be directly accessed from the Coin Collector's Assistant
  • Magnify pictures

If you are interested in purchasing Grading Assistant coin software, you can find it at Amazon.

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